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Casa Peguche

About us - En construcción


Thank you for visiting the website of Casa Peguche. Introducing ourselves: we are Richard and Mélanie and together with our daughter Ramya we are the proud owners of Casa Peguche.

After Richard's sister suffered a spinal injury due to an accident in the year 2000, she ended up in a wheelchair. Being her family we experienced firsthand what it means to be disabled this way and what limitations you may encounter. Then we also experienced the difficulties in finding a suitable holiday destination without getting 'the hospital feeling' immediately. Together with her husband they therefore took the initiative themselves to buy a house at the Costa Blanca to render it into a fully wheelchair proof holiday residence "Villa Los Leones " which has proven to be very successful. Besides herself many people, able-bodied or disabled, are now making use of the endless possibilities of her home and enjoy another wonderful holiday with friends and / or family in this beautiful area of Spain.

Being actively involved in the development of Villa Los Leones, we also got acquainted with the Costa Blanca. For Mélanie it was a kind of homecoming, because she spent several holidays here with her parents in the seventies. Now many years later, the Costa Blanca with its beautiful surroundings and wonderful climate round the year also enchanted the rest of our family. All this taking into account we decided to buy a house in this area as well. For us it was obvious that this property had to be wheelchair-proof too, especially since we learned from the many joyful holiday stories of Villa Los Leones how much joy it may provide. We tried to adjust our house in this way arranging that anyone, able-bodied or disabled, could feel at home.

As a result we received many nice and positive comments already.

Accessible to everyone

Often people are asking for the meaning of the name Casa Peguche. Peguche is a small town in Ecuador where we married on 9-09-1999 in accordance to local folklore and traditions. Our great wish was fulfilled there and in gratitude to all the lovely people in Peguche that made our dream come true, we called our house "Casa Peguche".

Richard en Mélanie

We hope this website provides you with enough information about Casa Peguche, but if you still have any questions and / or comments please let us know.

Saludos Cordiales,

Richard, Mélanie en Ramya Broer

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